Hey Ryan, you’ve been an inspiration for many!
It’s my pleasure to have you here at ‘Chit Chat with Aditya’ series #1

Q : First of all, Happy 24th Birthday. Wishing you lots of success, happiness and good health in life! So, how did you spend this special day?

A : Thanks for the birthday wishes! I spent the day with my family (as we’re quarantined together)! Overall it was a pretty lowkey birthday, I didn’t ask for much rather just the presence of family seemed to be enough for me! As I usually do, I shot a video for my YouTube channel and spent the rest of the day just enjoying the good weather outside the house…oh 6 feet away from any strangers haha

Q : I am personally a big admirer of your IGTV videos. They’re super inspiring. You’ve over 590 posts on Instagram, so you’ve come a long way. What inspired you to come up with this and what has been your driving force throughout this journey?

A : I’ve been a content creator full time for the past 4 years on YouTube, after I was diagnosed with Small Fiber neuropathy about 9 months ago, I realized just how misunderstood, or rather, not understood at all these illnesses were! For instance, neuropathy is not rare, 40 million Americans suffer from some form of neuropathy, yet there is less treatment for such illnesses than MS which effects only around 1-2 million. Yet, both are extremely debilitating! I was determined to use my platforms to bring about awareness not only for my illness but all of the actual rare diseases that need more voices! IGTV is just another extension of that! I feel it creates a more interactive experience with the viewer!

Q : In the times of crisis or while going through a bad phase, how do you keep yourself inspired?

A : I often have found myself in a negative head space, even before being diagnosed with a chronic illness! One thing that I find very helpful is the use of meditation and mindfulness techniques! This is probably the most effective way I’ve dealt with my bad days!

Q : Have you discovered spirituality yet? If yes, how has it impacted your life?

A : Spirituality, not particularly. I’ve always been somewhat spiritual with nature, but beyond that if you were to extend spirituality to religion, I am personally not a religious person.

Q : What’s your last thought before sleep?

A : Lately my last thought before sleep, has been, “man that episode of ‘The Last Kingdom” was dope!

Q : What were the 3 movies or books, that had an incredible amount of impact on your mindset?

A : My favorite books and movies of all time are the Lord of the Rings series (including the hobbit) i love the story of a seemingly unfit hero taking on an insurmountable task! I relate to that in some ways!

Q : What’s your end goal?

A : My end goal is to show people that despite their conditions they can live a thriving full life, and that you don’t need to accept your current situation as the end all be all!

Q : It was an amazing conversation with you. I am sure our readers would love it too. Any concluding message or words of wisdom that you’d like to convey?

A : In the end you are the one who will make all the difference in your healing journey! You need to be the one to seek out the experts, you need to be the one to experiment with what works for you, no one is going to hit you with a magic pill and cure your disease! Sometimes what will do the trick is some drastic life and maybe dietary changes….if you are not willing to make those changes, do not expect you will improve! You are the keeper of your health, so make it your priority! Thanks for this opportunity!


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INSTAGRAM : Ryanmitchelbrown

YOUTUBE : RyanMitchelBrown

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